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Congrats to Debbie Burwasser!

debPlease join us in congratulating Debbie Burwasser for receiving the Above and Beyond Award. This award is a great way for us to recognize and thank staff, students, volunteers, and the community who go above and beyond for the agency, helping to promote and raise needed funds for the program’s growth. Continue reading…

"The mission of the Eden II Programs is to provide people with autism specialized community based programs and other opportunities with the goal of enabling them to achieve the highest possible quality of living across their life spans."


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Eden II strives to provide the maximum help possible to the autism community through education, adult day programs, residential care, family support, respite, and a number of other services. Please take the time to look through our website, or you can request information by sending an email to Thank you!


Eden II Board Member Publishes Book

Eden II Board Member Publishes Book

Dolores Morris, a member of Eden II’s Board of Trustees, has published a new, exciting book! “The Soldier That Wagged Her Tail” tells the story of William A. Morris, Dolores’ father, and his service during WWII. While staying in a port village in England, William encounters a small terrier, who he later names “Trixie”. Trixie became William’s constant companion during the war, never leaving his side. 



Eden II Programs Welcomes 3 New Parent Board Members

Eden II Programs Welcomes 3 New Parent Board Members

Eden II’s Board of Directors were pleased to announce the addition of 3 new members at its most recent meeting: Jeanette Collins, David Glick, and Nicole Memoli. All are parent members of children currently attending Eden II Programs.


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