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Ways of Giving

We ask that you consider making a gift or pledge to the Eden and Genesis Foundation (Foundation for the Advancement for Autistic Persons), as we work to provide the best possible services and programs to individuals with autism on Staten Island and Long Island.

The following are ways to make gifts/pledges to the Eden and Genesis Foundation (Foundation for the Advancement for Autistic Persons). For more information on how you can make your gift, please call Erika Hellstrom, Chief Development Officer at 718-816-1422 ext. 1040 or email . Thank you for your interest!

Donor Advised Funds


Cash or Check is the simplest way of contributing. A donor may easily claim their charitable income tax deduction.

Matching Gifts allow an employee’s gift to the Eden and Genesis Foundation or Eden II Programs to be matched by their employer. For more information, contact your human resources department to see if your employer offers a matching gift program.

Bequest & Living Trusts are gift of cash, securities, or real property made upon the donor’s death, through provisions in their will or living trust. For information on how to include Eden and Genesis Foundation in your will, please contact us.

Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is an irrevocable gift in exchange for a guaranteed fixed income for life which is based upon the annuitant’s age at the time of the gift. Upon the annuitant’s death, the remainder is transferred to the Eden and Genesis Foundation. If the donated asset is appreciated securities, capital gains taxes may be reduced and paid over many years. Gift annuities will be valued based upon the annuitant’s age(s) when the annuity is created. ($10,000 minimum).

Gifts of Tangible Personal Property & Gifts-in-Kind Many types of new and used equipment or other types of property can be used to make a gift. If we use a donated asset, the donor is entitled to a charitable deduction equal to the fair market value of the asset, determined, at the donor’s expense, by a qualified appraisal.

Gifts of Life Insurance requires the designation of the Eden and Genesis Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

For more ways on how you can make your gift, please contact Erika Hellstrom, Chief Development Officer at 718-816-1422 ext. 1040 or email at Consultation with your financial planner is the ideal way to determine the best way for you to make your gift.

Get Involved…

Eden IIs Legislative Awareness Committees on Staten Island and Long Island are committed to joining the efforts of national autism organizations in the following capacities:

  • Increase public and professional awareness of autism related issues
  • Inform politicians of relevant issues affecting individuals with autism so that appropriate and necessary change may be affected that will positively impact and improve the quality of lives of individuals with autism.
  • Monitor, review, comment and act as needed in support of, or opposition to any proposed legislation or policy that may positively or negatively affect the lives of individuals with autism and their families.

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