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Our deepest appreciation to Eden II for the dedication and support to the people you serve

In 2004, Julia graduated from the Eden II High School Program and transitioned to their Wright Avenue Adult Day Habilitation Program. Eden has afforded Julia the opportunity to maintain all of the things she has learned from special education services while she continues to learn new skills in Eden’s stimulating day habilitation program.

Julia spends her days with people she enjoys being with, and is involved in a variety of interesting and appropriate activities throughout the year. She participates in cooking, recreation sports, exercise, music and pre-vocational classes. There is a lovely greenhouse garden that she and her friends at Eden maintain. The building on Wright Avenue was carefully renovated with the best interests of the participants in mind.

Through Eden’s program, Julia is able to volunteer in the community with “Meals on Wheels” and every Friday morning connects with community residents who welcome her at their door when she delivers a meal to them.

Eden’s well trained staff developed a behavior program for Julia which allows her to participate in medical office visits without negative behaviors that would interfere with the quality of her medical care. This has been a valuable outcome for Julia and a tribute to the dedicated and highly professional staff at Eden who frequently assist participants to manage difficult and challenging behaviors.

Julia’s positive experiences at Eden II have been a blessing to her entire family as well. Her parents and three sisters are her greatest fans. Witnessing the array of meaningful activities that Julia enjoys and her varied opportunities to be an active participant in her Staten Island community, make her whole family proud, and grateful for the passion and commitment by Eden II to Julia and others with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

Laura and Henry Kennedy
September 2011

When my son was diagnosed, I had no idea what our next step would be! I have been told that Eden II is the best school in Staten Island for children with autism and on the spectrum. I was fortunate enough to have toured the preschool and that my son was accepted into the program. All my questions and concerns were answered. I walked out of the school in tears because I could see how the children in the school have progressed – how they were speaking and trying to write! It was such a great one-on-one experience and I knew without hesitation that this was the school that my son needed to attend. Robert is going to receive the attention that he needs and I am so grateful that he attends Eden II’s school program.


Ingrid Mazariegos-Sima, mother of Robert, a student at Eden II Programs Little Miracles Preschool

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