iPadforAutismWith thousands of options available to parents and caretakers of individuals on the autism spectrum, it can be difficult to find the “perfect” app for your child’s specific needs. There are many factors to consider when purchasing apps: price, area of focus, customization options, etc. Here are the top options recommended by parents of Eden II participants and other sources.

1) Words for Life is an excellent app that aids in vocabulary and communication skills. WFL achieves this using Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP), which focuses on improving communication through motor patterns. ($299.99,  Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad)

2) Created by the parent of a child with special needs, icommunicate is a customizable app that features visual schedules, storyboards, flash and speech cards. This app is a terrific choice for those with nonverbal children. ($49.99, available for iPad and iPhone)

3) The recently launched YouTube Kids App provides content deemed appropriate for children. With device monitoring that includes control of timers, volume, and a limit to what your kids can search on their own, this app aims to bring a safe viewing experience for all. (Free, available for iTunes and Android)

4) Choiceworks is another app that aids in completion of daily routines through visuals, and focuses on improving waiting skills. Features schedule, waiting, and feelings boards. ($6.99, available for both the iPhone and iPad)

5) DuckDuckMoose provides a variety of fun and engaging apps for young children, Many on the spectrum can enjoy playing the bright and educational games. (Prices and Platforms vary by app)

6) JABtalk combines a simple user interface and personalized voice and image options to help non-verbal individuals. Features include the ability to build sentences from words, rearrange/resize pictures, and the option to record your own audio. (Free, available for Android)

7) Model Me Going Places 2, created by Model Me Kids, is designed for those with ASD to become accustomed to unfamiliar surroundings in their neighborhood. Slideshows use peer modeling to teach appropriate behaviors and social cues. Examples include visiting a doctor’s office, eating in a restaurant, and getting a haircut. (Free, available for iPhone and iPad)

8) Fruit Memory offers adorable graphics and simple gameplay that can assist with concentration and memory skills. Can be played alone or with up to 3 other players. (Free, available for iPhone and iPad)

9) Learn with Rufus: Categories, designed by a clinical and developmental psychologist, this app helps with learning categories like colors, shapes, and fruits. Offers optional music, levels of difficulty, and tracking your child’s performance through statistics. ($5.00, available for Android)

10) Kid in Story is an exciting visual story maker that allows your child to be placed directly into the story! With 12 different templates, this app can be useful for engaging struggling readers and reinforcing routines. ($6.99, available for iPhone and iPad)