As you know, our field has been dealing with cuts and rate freezes for the past several years. While it has been difficult to manage, we have been able to do so without compromising quality or cutting services. This year is different. The Governor just proposed a 6 % cut to all OPWDD Services in New York State. This will be devastating for many programs, including Eden II Programs. In real numbers, this cut reflects more than an $ 800,000 cut to Eden II.

While we are now analyzing the impact and what we will have to do in order to survive these cuts, it is hard to imagine that it won’t have real hard consequences for our services.

Eden II will be coordinating some trips up to Albany in the next couple of weeks for staff and families. Please get in touch with Margaret Zampardi or at 718-816-1422 if you would be able to come with us on one of these trips.

Trips will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

We really need to be present and make our voices heard. We will coordinate transportation for you if you are able to attend. Thanks in advance for your help. If these cuts go through, there may be no turning back.


Joanne Gerenser, Ph.D., CCC-SLP