On November 1, 2011 our governor signed a law mandating insurance plans to cover Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for people with autism.  On October 31, 2012 the New York State Division of Financial Services enacted temporary regulations that canceled this coverage for almost every child with autism in New York State. The temporary regulations will become permanent on January 28, 2013 unless the autism community stands up and fights!

What can you do?

Call or e-mail Abby Nash at the Division of Financial Services and tell her to remove the emergency regulations for ABA therapy. Her phone number is 518-486-5921. Her e-mail is  abby.nash@dfs.ny.gov . We have heard from people who already spoke to Ms. Nash. They tell us she is very friendly and willing to listen, she wants to hear from the residents of New York State.

Make sure you are prepared to give a reason why you want to remove the emergency regulations:
· Your child needs ABA therapy
· Your child has benefitted from ABA therapy in the past and needs more ABA therapy
· ABA therapy is important for every child with autism

· The regulations drastically reduce the number of available providers
· You have not been able to find a provider of ABA services

Contact Geoff DeBery at Eden II Programs for additional information:  gdebery@designapprovals2.com