staplesPlease join us in congratulating Carol Bullock on winning the Staples Community Hero Award! Thank you so much to everyone who voted, shared with friends and family, and voted again. Because of Carol and all of you, Eden II will receive $5000 as her selected charity through Staples’ 2 Million and Change Program. Carol is truly a community hero and we are so grateful to have her as an Eden II friend and supporter! Please see a special message from Carol below:


Because of all of you and those you spread the word to, Eden II will be receiving an additional $5000!!!!!!!! The work they do is AMAZING and truth be told, I have never been more proud of working for Staples and being able to donate to an organization so deserving!! Everyone who voted, in effect is a winner and is donating to the organization.

You cannot under estimate the impact 1 individual can have – it’s incredible how an organization you may get involved in can so appreciate the work you do and how it can truly change lives. I personally have seen so many remarkable changes with some of the families and individuals. I never realized the hardship many people face and how easily spending time and getting involved can make the most incredible difference for them. Once you get involved, it will only fuel your desire to do more.

Team Eden II