HL eden outreach

In November of 2013, Eden II opened its Diagnostic & Outreach Center, located at 2285 Victory Blvd. in Staten Island. The center was opened to assist individuals who have autism and individuals who may have autism. Since its opening, the center has provided services to over 25 new individuals on the autism spectrum, including ABA Therapy, Diagnostic Evaluations and Speech Evaluations. The staff at the Diagnostic  Center have worked tirelessly to better serve participants on the spectrum, as well as their families. A new Board Certified Behavior Analyst was hired to work in the center and Eden II’s adult day program. Eden II’s very knowledgeable and professional staff  have also been utilized. Staff members now assisting the center include Dr. Joanne Gerenser and Ms. Janine Kipp, who provide speech services. and Dr. Frank Cicero, who provides psychological services.

The Diagnostic Center serves as an extension of Eden II Programs and its mission: provide people with autism specialized community based programs and other opportunities with the goal of enabling them to achieve the highest possible quality of living across their life spans. To ensure this, the center has initiated contracting activities for ABA therapy with several health plans, so even more individuals can access the services offered. They have already contracted with United Behavioral Health as an in-network provider of ABA therapy services (in addition to already providing services through in-network benefits for nearly every health plan).

The staff  have been working diligently to provide parent-friendly workshops explaining the NYS autism insurance mandate, to assist with any questions and concerns parents may have. The Diagnostic & Outreach Center has also found much success with its webinar program, which provides info on a variety of topics, including toilet training, fitness and self- management. 33 webinars have been delivered to nearly 500 people throughout the 50 states, as well as international participants in New Zealand and Canada.

Geoff DeBery, Director of the Outreach & Diagnostic Center, shares his enthusiasm for the progress of the center, saying  “We made a world of difference for 25 individuals with autism and their families during our first year. I am excited to bring our services to even more individuals and their families as we continue to grow the Diagnostic and Outreach Center.”

If you would like to schedule an appointment or need more information, please call 917-722-3986 or visit  www.eden2center.org.