The Eden II Programs Diagnostic and Outreach Center is offering a FREE webinar on Tuesday, January 3rd and Tuesday, January 10th. All of our webinars are delivered by a live presenter who is a topic area expert with years of experience working with individuals on the spectrum. The live format allows for frequent opportunities to interact with the presenter. 
Registration for both webinars is FREE. 
1.5 BCBA CEUs will be available for the January 3rd webinar. Please note you must be logged in and attend the webinar to receive CEUs.
No CEUs will be available for the January 10th webinar.  
These webinars were made possible through a generous grant provided by the New York City Department of Mental Health & Hygiene.


Ethical Standards to Use During ABA Treatment

Presented by:
Jaimie Sarubbi, New York State Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst; Behavior Intervention Specialist, Eden II Programs
The webinar will review The Professional and Ethical
Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts (BACB,
2016). The webinar will provide BCBA’s, applicants,
and individuals who use applied behavior analysis
with ethical standards, and how to maintain those
standards in practice. 
Experience Level: Moderate and Advanced 
Target Audience: BACBs and those working towards their BCBA licensure
Financial Disclosure: Ms. Jaimie Sarubbi is employed by Eden II Programs where she receives a salary.
Non-Financial Disclosure: There are no relevant non-financial relationships to report.


Finding the Function of Challenging Behavior in Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Presented by: 
Eric Cruz, M.A., BCBA, Operations Director, Diagnostic & Outreach Center, Eden II Programs
Challenging behaviors in individuals with developmental disabilities can be difficult to handle when the reasons for the behavior are unknown. This presentation will go over the importance of finding the function of the challenging behavior and review current ways to determine the function of the behavior by conducting a functional analysis.
1) Discuss common misconceptions of challenging behavior
2) Understand how behavior is reinforced
3) Go over the four main functions of behavior
4) Look at different types of functional analyses
5) Learn to implement strategies based on the function of the behavior
Experience Level: All levels (basic concepts will be explained in detail)

Target Audience: Parents and SLPs 
Financial Disclosure: Mr. Eric Cruz is employed by Eden II Programs where he receives a salary.
Non-Financial Disclosure: There are no relevant non-financial relationships to report. 


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