Recently, Governor Cuomo passed the New York State Autism Insurance Bill. This was an important milestone for the treatment of individuals with autism living in the state. The bill will allow families to reimburse through private insurance companies those expenses associated with the diagnosis and medically necessary treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

Applied behavior analysis, provided by board certified behavior analysts, was included as a medically necessary treatment expense. This is a great step forward for the families and children affected by ASD.

Unfortunately, there is a road block to the enactment of this bill, which is scheduled to go into effect in November 2012.

Currently, “behavior analysis” is subsumed under the psychology licensing laws. New York State does not recognize applied behavior analysis as a separate discipline. Because of this, nationally certified behavior analysts cannot work in the state without holding a psychology license. This will significantly impact the benefits to individuals and families proposed by the autism insurance bill. This needs to change!

Similar legislation has already passed in several states and is in desperate need inNew York. Please help us pass this legislation.


The Senate Bill S7017: “An ACT to amend the education law,

in relation to providing for the licensure of behavior analysts”.

Sponsored by

Senator John Flanagan of the Second Senate District on Long Island


The Assembly Bill A10064: “Provides for the licensure of behavior analysts”

Sponsored by Assemblyman Joseph Morelle of the 132nd District in Rochester


These Bills are supported by

New York State Association for Behavior Analysis

Association for Professional Behavior Analysts

Autism Speaks


Demonstrate your support for these bills now:

Action 1: Go to on your web browser and sign the petition.


Action 2: Go to[capwiz:queue_id] on your web browser, modify and personalize the letter (it is easy to edit), then send it to your Senator and Assembly member.


Thank you for your support. You can make a difference!