Dear Friends:

Eden II’s Genesis Programs urgently needs your support. We are embarking on a capital campaign to renovate and outfit a new building. We’ve recently expanded into the Commack neighborhood of Suffolk County to focus on the growing need for support for adults with autism.

The goal is to provide a new site within the former school building at Christ the King, allowing Eden II to support more adults with autism, integrate into the Commack community, and create additional vocational opportunities. The site will have themed rooms to create a work site atmosphere for vocational training.

Eden II’s Adult Program supports over 40 participants over the age of 21. It offers a comprehensive Day Habilitation Without Walls program that allows participants to engage in volunteer and recreational opportunities in their community. Day habilitation services help participants achieve satisfying and rewarding connections and relationships within their communities. The program targets communication skills, activities of daily living, social skills, vocational skills, and community integration.

Our commitment to evidence-based practices and science offers each participant the best opportunity to achieve their highest quality of life. We recognize the needs of the autism community at large and strive to make an impact on as many people with autism and their families as possible. Understanding and responding to the family’s needs is essential to achieving a high quality of life.

Autism, for most, is a lifelong disability, and we believe that programs and services must reflect the needs of participants across their lifespans. Programming reflects the participant’s personal interests and builds skills using the surrounding community as a lifelong classroom.

Today, we ask for your support as we continue serving adults with autism.


Michael Giangregorio

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mary McDonald, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA

Associate Executive Director for Long Island Programs

Announcing our

Adult Program Capital Campaign

We are proud to share the exciting news that Eden II’s Genesis Programs will expand our Day Habilitation Program Without Walls Programs. The new building in the Commack neighborhood of Suffolk County will focus on the growing need for support for adults with autism. The new building provides us with an opportunity for growth, improved program rooms, and technology. The site will have themed rooms to create a comprehensive environment allowing the participants we support to explore and learn various skills.

Our goal to renovate and prepare the building is $500,000. To date, over $400,000 has been raised. We need your help to meet our goal and soon occupy this exciting new space. We are counting on families, friends, staff, local businesses, elected officials, and the community to support us.

Thank you!

A Bold Vision for the Future

Our recent expansion into the Commack neighborhood of Suffolk County will allow Eden II’s Genesis Programs to support more adults with autism, integrate into the community, and create an environment that allows the participants to explore and learn various skills and experiences.

The site will have a variety of themed rooms to provide the participants with opportunities for exploration and learning.

All participants in the program will have the opportunity to explore each room to create several meaningful opportunities and experiences.

Arts & Entertainment Room

Individuals will have opportunities to explore and participate in the areas of art, music, and theater.

Business Room

This space will provide opportunities for individuals to learn office and computer skills and serve as an onsite copy and print center.

Café Room

Individuals will learn hospitality skills while running an onsite café.

Clinical Room

The clinical room will be used for assessment and individual or group service provision.

Culinary Room

There will be opportunities for learning new recipes, cooking, and baking in the culinary room. Visiting chefs will participate in providing mentorship to our individuals.

Environment & Society Room

Individuals will be engaged in community enhancement volunteer opportunities such as local town beach clean up in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Health & Wellness Room

Activities such as yoga, meditation, exercise, growing organic plants, and learning about healthy lifestyle choices will all be available in the Health and Wellness Room.

Philanthropy Room

Local nonprofit organizations and charitable clubs will work with the individuals in the program on upcoming events and drives (e.g. sorting for food and toy drives, hanging coats donated for veterans groups, etc.).

Seasons for a Reason Room

This room will serve as a distribution center. Our individuals will organize and prepare all “Deliveries by Seasons” products to be sold and marketed to the local community; creating a unique opportunity to increase autism awareness throughout Nassau & Suffolk Counties.

Technology & Recreation Room

Participants will explore
leisure activities, socialize and develop new hobbies within this technology-enhanced setting. Individuals can join in social gaming.


A custom donor recognition wall is being created to acknowledge gifts of $100 or more. The donor wall will have five levels of plaques, each engraved with a donor’s name or message.


With a new building, there are many opportunities to honor someone, continue a person or corporation’s legacy of care and compassion, or promote a business. Naming opportunities have been created for each of the themed rooms.

Gifts can be made one time or for up to three years. For example, a donation of $5,000 can be divided into a plan that works for you. Perhaps a monthly or quarterly check or an automatic credit card charge by our development staff on a regular schedule.

Our dedicated development staff will work to build the gift and payment schedule that best fits your situation.

Some naming opportunities can be found below.

  • $10,000 Arts & Entertainment Room (SOLD)
  • $10,000 Business Room
  • $10,000 Café Room (SOLD)
  • $10,000 Clinical Room
  • $10,000 Culinary Room (SOLD)
  • $10,000 Environment/Society Room
  • $10,000 Health & Wellness Room
  • $10,000 Philanthropy Room
  • $10,000 Seasons for a Reason Room (SOLD)
  • $10,000 Technology & Recreation Room (SOLD)
  • $5,000 Smart Board (FOUR NEEDED)

If you are interested in Naming Opportunities, contact a development associate at or call 718-816-1422 ext. 1040.