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The Story

Eden II urgently needs your support with the expansion of our early childhood program, specifically as the preschool looks to expand to a new location. The preschool program, Little Miracles, serves over 100 children with preschool and elementary schooling, as well as children who receive services such as SEIT and SETSS.

The entire outfitting of a new preschool building will include the purchase of desks, chairs, bookshelves, teacher stations, room dividers, bean bags for the library corner, reading area mats, play area rugs, desk partitions for one on one settings, books for the library, library cart, storage cabinets, cubby units, and classroom supplies.

The funding raised will go toward the purchase of the most needed furniture and materials. The goal of the outfitting of a new preschool is to provide durable and safe furniture for children in early education so that they can have the best learning environment to support their development.

Eden II pre-school offers a highly structured, intensive learning environment using Applied Behavior Analysis. Our individualized programs focus on learning-readiness, academics, social behavior, play skills and self-help. They are certified by the New York State Education Department and mostly funded by the New York City Board of Education.

Eden II helps more than 500 people in the Staten Island and Long Island communities with school programs, crisis respite, vocational training, job opportunities, residential care, family support, diagnostic services, and adult day habitation.

All donations are 100% tax deductable. 100% of funds will go to the Early Childhood Campaign.