We are proud to share the exciting news that Eden II’s Genesis Programs will expand our Day Habilitation Program Without Walls Programs. The new building in the Commack neighborhood of Suffolk County will focus on the growing need for support for adults with autism. The new building provides us with an opportunity for growth, improved program rooms, and technology. The site will have themed rooms to create a comprehensive environment allowing the participants we support to explore and learn various skills.

Our goal to renovate and prepare the building is $500,000. To date, over $400,000 has been raised. We need your help to meet our goal and soon occupy this exciting new space. We are counting on families, friends, staff, local businesses, elected officials, and the community to support us.

Thank you!


With a new building, there are many opportunities to honor someone, continue a person or corporation’s legacy of care and compassion, or promote a business. Naming opportunities have been created for each of the themed rooms.

Gifts can be made one time or for up to three years. For example, a donation of $5,000 can be divided into a plan that works for you. Perhaps a monthly or quarterly check or an automatic credit card charge by our development staff on a regular schedule.

Our dedicated development staff will work to build the gift and payment schedule that best fits your situation.

Some naming opportunities can be found below.

  • $10,000 Arts & Entertainment Room (SOLD) The Giangregorio Family
  • $10,000 Business Room (SOLD) Ernie’s Auto Body
  • $10,000 Café Room (SOLD) The Kirschbaum Family
  • $10,000 Clinical Room (SOLD) The Haley Family
  • $10,000 Culinary Room (SOLD) The Sorrento Family
  • $10,000 Environment/Society Room (SOLD) Fight For Charity
  • $10,000 Health & Wellness Room (SOLD) The Cerina Family
  • $10,000 Philanthropy Room (SOLD) The DiPrisco Family
  • $10,000 Seasons for a Reason Room (SOLD) Sportsmen’s Club of Local 3 IBEW
  • $10,000 Technology & Recreation Room (SOLD) Long Island Parents
  • $5,000 Smart Board (SOLD) The Fanning Foundation

If you are interested in Naming Opportunities, contact a development associate at info@eden2.org or call 718-816-1422 ext. 1040.