ceclia for the above and beyondPlease join us in congratulating Cecilia Amoroso for receiving the Above and Beyond Award for October. This monthly award is a great way for us to recognize and thank staff, students, volunteers, and the community who go above and beyond for the agency, helping to promote and raise needed funds for the program’s growth.

Cecilia began working at Genesis in December 1999 and is currently a Behavior Specialist.  Since Cecilia started working at Genesis she has been an irreplaceable part of all programs including the school, residential, day hab, and family support services. “She has a great rapport and is loved by all the students and participants,” Olga Goodman, Senior Coordinator of Long Island Programs and Services.

Cecilia always attends Genesis events and volunteers whenever she can. Cecilia was part of the volunteer team that helped paint the Saint Raphael classrooms and hallways in August.

As a recipient of the Above and Beyond Award, Cecilia will be recognized on a permanent plaque on both Staten Island and Long Island.