enterprise (2)Please join us in congratulating Enterprise for receiving the Above and Beyond Award for July. This monthly award is a great way for us to recognize and thank staff, students, volunteers, and the community who go above and beyond for the agency, helping to promote and raise needed funds for the program’s growth.

Enterprise and its employees, Peter Setaro and Kristine Kelly, have been such an important part of Eden II. They have been very supportive of our events, and contribute by taking out sponsorships for both the Dinner Dance and Golf Outing. They have helped spread awareness of these events through different social media sites such as LinkedIn. Thanks to Peter and Kristine, Eden II received the best prices for the agency’s vans. These vans are an essential part of our program, as they are utilized by staff to take participants out into the community to enjoy many different activities, as well as bringing them to their work sites.


We are so very fortunate to have Enterprise as a part of the Eden II family. As a recipient of the Above and Beyond Award, Enterprise will be recognized on a permanent plaque on both Staten Island and Long Island.