Community-based residential placement is at times a solution for families, who for whatever reason, can no longer meet the extreme supervision and support needs of their son or daughter with autism. Eden II recognizes that the specifics of certain family situations make the demands of caring for a child with autism (of any age) impossible to meet.

Skill development in residential sites is focused on promoting those abilities necessary for increasing independence – daily living skills, communication, socialization, etc. Residents receive the support necessary to participate in whatever their community has to offer – restaurants, parks, volunteer services, religious services, recreation and leisure.

Group Homes and individual residential alternatives are offered for teens and adults with autism. These adults and teens access either the school or the adult day program as well, receiving individualized behavioral services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, etc.

Family continues to be an important part of the team, and partnerships with the families is sought and fostered.

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